Designing Restoration

Restoration is a term often used when mitigation is required for impacts from a project. For example, when a state highway is widened and an adjacent wetland is impacted. The impact is mitigated by restoring an equivalent amount of wetland in a nearby location. However the type and scope of mitigation can vary so drastically it can be complicated for even professionals in the field of environmental management.

At Saratoga Environmental & Land Services, we have experience with a wide variety of restoration projects ranging from large to small, and from freshwater environments to marine shorelines. We have also developed great working relationships with the regulatory authorities who oversee the design and implementation of environmental mitigation.

These relationships and knowing what the agencies expect in restoration projects can make all the difference for your project.

A somewhat less commonly known form of restoration is where landowners choose to minimize the amount of their land they develop and sometimes convert existing developed areas back to an undeveloped condition.

Yet another type of restoration is referred to as an ‘enhancement’ and involves improving the quality and function of an existing undeveloped area to allow better water filtration and retention and increase the value of wildlife habitat.

Saratoga Environmental & Land Services can help you decide what kind of restoration is suitable for your site and how to balance your needs with the environment you live in.